Caroline should move to New Orleans

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15 Reasons as to why Caroline should go to New Orleans

1.  There is very little room left for Caroline to grow as a character in Mystic Falls
2.  Klaus needs a Queen to rule by his side
3.  Much like Stefan, Elijah could benefit from having a spunky blonde as a friend.
4.  She is Klaus’ redemption
5.  Rebekah could definitely benefit from some female companionship.  Team Barbie!  Not to mention the fact that with Caroline in New Orleans, Rebekah will finally be able to seize some control over her brother and gain some personal freedom.
6.  Klaus can finally stop compelling Cami, which will allow her to grow as a character.
7.  She is what the Original family has been longing for.  A way to get their family back together.  
8.  She is a strong, capable character and I think she would do well as a leader.
9.  When/If Devina returns from the world of the dead, Caroline will likely take her under her wing.  Can you imagine Caroline mentoring Davina?  I am down with that.  
10.  Klaroline sex
11.  Caroline would get more screen time
12.  Less screen time will be spent on watching Klaus’ tears
13.  Can you imagine the epic parties planned by Caroline with the use of Klaus’ resources? 
14.  Klaus will be in a better mood and this will benefit everyone.  
15.  With Caroline in New Orleans, this will open up an even bigger opportunity for crossovers.  Stefan in New Orleans is not something I want, so much as it is something I need.  Klaus, Rebekah and Caroline need to have scenes with Stefan. 


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